AEM | Rollout Option missing for One Country Live Copy

AEM has a very robust mechanism for maintaining multiple sites for various countries and languages using a feature called as Multi Site Management (MSM). In this post, I will bring attention to one common issue that you might face while working with MSM in AEM.

Issue: The common issue that one faces during rollout of a master page to its live copies is that you are seeing an option to rollout a page to one live copy but NOT able to rollout the same page to another live copy for which it was working before.

Let us consider that there is a master page at following path –


And you want to rollout this page to Canada country to make this page available at –


So, as you know that you can go to edit mode for this page and then click on Rollout option in the page which will open the rollout screen with all its live-copies where the page can be rolled-out to –

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Notice that above list does NOT show Canada in the list, however as we assumed that this was working before. So, what caused this to NOT work this time?

This happens due to a property saved in the backend – cq:excludedPaths which has the path of the about-us page saved in it, due to which AEM doesn’t show the Canada in the list of rollouts.

As shown in below screenshot, the property – cq:excludedPaths is saved in the Live copy hierarchy at the node – cq:LiveSyncConfig highlighted below.  

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The path of a page or pages saved in this property is excluded by AEM from the rollout list. Based on above property value, whenever a page with the path – about-us is rolled out, it will be excluded from the Canada rollout list. If the same property is available in any other Live copy hierarchy, then rollout option will NOT appear for that Live copy as well. To fix the issue, you must delete the page relative path from that property value or completely delete the property itself and save the session.

Now you know why rollout is NOT working for one country but its working for the other, however, you might be wondering, how that property got created and how about-us page got added in that property.

The answer to above question lies in AEM internal behavior as follows – Whenever anyone tries to delete a page from under the Live copy hierarchy from Sites console, then AEM adds the relative path (to the livecopy) of that page in cq:excludedPaths property which basically prevents that same page being rolled-out ever again until the respective page is cleared from above property.

Lastly, you might wonder that this might be a very valid use-case that you want to delete a page from a Country Live copy for some time and then later might want to rollout the page as needed by the Business. For this, before deleting a page you need to Unrollout the page. I have written a whole new post at below link to explain how to do that.

How to manually Un-rollout a Page in AEM?

Do post your comments in case you have any doubts, requests, or feedback.

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